Is our desire to profit tempered, respectful and sustainable? How we farm, make wine and live out our lives is important to our family.

  • We attempt whenever possible to purchase products made domestically. Lowering our carbon foot print(less distance hauling especially from overseas) while employing our neighbors and countrymen is important.
  • We purchase lightweight Eco glass bottles and bottles made from recycled glass.
  • Our new winery facility will send all of the waste water used to make wine to a series of natural – biological treatment tanks then onto a pond where the water may be used for building – fire suppression or landscape irrigation.
  • Our vineyard spray program to combat powdery mildew and harmful insects is 100% Organic.
  • Within three years, our weed control program will be 100% Organic making our entire spray program Organic.
  • Thus far, on our vineyard property we have personally identified; Red Stem Storksbill, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Thompson’s Desert Parsley, Sagebrush Mariposa Lily, Thread Leaf Fleabane, Tidy Fleabane, Yellow Salsify, Bearded Hawks Beard, Common St. John’s Wort, Bitter Brush and Sage Brush.
  • Species of bees working in our estate vineyard include; Mason Bee, European Honey Bee, Masked Bee, Armored Resin Bee, Van – Dyke’s Bumble Bee, Metallic Sweat Bee, Brown Belted Bumble Bee, Hunt’s Bumble Bee, Black Tailed Bumble Bee, Great Basin Bumble Bee and Indiscriminate Cuckoo Bumble Bee (a fairly rare visitor!).
  • Native fauna living and visiting our estate vineyard include; Mule Deer, White Tailed Deer, Red Tailed Hawk, Kestrel Falcon, Great Horned Owl, Coyote, Bald Eagle, Turkey Vulture and some type of rabbit.